8 short dance films about group dynamics

Commissioned by TU Delft and in collaboration with Branded Cinema, The100Hands made a series of 8 short dance films in May 2021: 8 group vibes.

In the context of her doctoral research, TU student Alev Sönmez describes various group dynamics. To make these more visible and tangible, The100Hands has created a choreography of 8 of these group dynamics together with 5 dancers from Fontys, which were subsequently filmed by Branded Cinema.

The final result can soon be found here, but in the meantime Jasper, Alev and Monne (Branded Cinema) can tell you a bit more about the project in the video below!



Initiative: Alev Sönmez (TU Delft)
Choreography: Jasper D┼żuki Jelen (The100Hands)
Dramaturgy: Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj (The100Hands)
Dance: Anastasia Jansen, Djamila Ploeg, Jirmeja Pattianakotta, Meri Reunamäki, Susy Steijn
Film: Monne Tuinhout (Branded Cinema)
Music: ArthurMusic
Scenography: Esther Sloots