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Keep your coins, I want (ex)change.
Products, services, knowledge, entertainment, nonsense. Day in day out people exchange all sorts of things with each other. In Western society this exchange increasingly takes on the character of a transaction. Goods and services are exchanged for money based on an agreement. What would happen if these standardized agreements were to be dropped? Or if  we visit a space where other standards apply, like in a different culture?

Godelieve Spaas (lector New Economies at Avans University of Applied Sciences) and The100Hands bring together the worlds of performing arts, scientific research, and entrepreneurship with the Exchange Project. Together they explore what 'exchange beyond transaction' can mean for our way of connecting and the way we form relationships.  How do we meet the inconvenience that comes along with a lack of rules? Can we determine value differently through dialogue? Based on personal experiences, practical examples, science and ancient traditions The100Hands and Godelieve Spaas will shape a contemporary ritual. 

The project consists of different modules: scenes, interactive situations, stories, and lectures in which visitors are seduced to investigate ‘the dance of exchange' together. Reflections on efficiency, speed, urgency, the importance of personal contact and trust during an exchange raise the question of what can offer us a better life, with each other and our environment. The shared experience from the modules, in which the fixed rules and formats we know are let go off for a brief moment, forms the basis for new understandings. The makers do not have a utopian answer, but believe that, just like a traditional assembly, everyone has a piece of the puzzle in their hands.

The Exchange Project is a driver of dialogue between different domains and groups of people about the (added) value of a connected exchange. Each module can be the foundation for a conversation, brainstorm or refreshing experience within different contexts and work environments. The performance, which will premiere in 2022, brings together all these elements and unravels the phenomenon of ‘exchange’ in a broader socio-economic context.