What would you be curious about when everything is possible with a body?

In times of keeping distance because of covid, ongoing digitalization and #metoo, The100Hands wants to reflect on the role of touch in the encounter with others. Meanings such as intimacy, connection, care, but also abuse and vulnerability are attached to this basic human contact. Touching is about our perception of boundaries and limits, but how do we (still) determine what is acceptable?

Going Solo invites you to witness the physical dialogue between a dancer and a life-size real doll. In an intimate, circular theater setting consisting of small walls and lights, you sit in a private booth close to the stage. You are alone there, yet together with other visitors. Watching from the dark, you can answer playful and tantalizing questions from the dancer using lights or influence what physically happens on stage. In a game with physical presence and absence, the question arises whether we can (still) look at touch with uninhibited curiosity.

Now that a pandemic has forced us to look for new ways of 'being together', Going Solo aims to make tangible how diverse people experience touch, the fluidity of our moral values and how we deal with physical presence.

Become part of this theater experience and marvel at surreal dance scenes and the reactions of yourself and your fellow visitors. Afterwards there is the opportunity to talk to the performer, makers and other visitors.

Good to know:

* Limited capacity, reserve on time to be sure of a spot.

* During this performance, the audience is separated from each other by means of screens. Unfortunately, it is not possible to place people who come together next to each other without a screen.



Concept, text en scenography: Jasper Džuki Jelen
Choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen with Bryan Atmopawiro and Jade van den Hout
Performance: Bryan Atmopawiro or Jade van den Hout
Music: ArthurMusic
Costumes: Esther Sloots
Production: Katoo Vanhoutteghem
With the support of: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Breda, PLAN Brabant, DansBrabant.

The100Hands works in a long term partnership with DansBrabant.


16/03/2022 Chassé Theater Breda, NL
15/03/2022 Chassé Theater Breda, NL
23/02/2022 DansBrabant Tilburg, NL

05/06/2021 Moving Futures Tilburg, NL
04/06/2021 Moving Futures Tilburg, NL
03/06/2021 Moving Futures Tilburg, NL
29/05/2021 Moving Futures Nijmegen, NL
28/05/2021 Moving Futures Nijmegen, NL
27/05/2021 Moving Futures Nijmegen, NL
22/05/2021 Moving Futures Breda, NL
21/05/2021 Moving Futures Breda, NL
12/05/2021 Moving Futures Utrecht, NL
11/05/2021 Moving Futures Utrecht, NL
03/04/2021 Moving Futures Amsterdam, NL
02/04/2021 Moving Futures Groningen, NL
01/04/2021 Moving Futures Den Haag, NL
18/03/2021 DansBrabant Tilburg, NL
04/03/2021 DansBrabant Tilburg, NL
18/02/2021 DansBrabant Tilburg, NL

21/11/2020 Chassé Theater Breda, NL
19/11/2020 DansBrabant Tilburg, NL