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Everything you want to do with big gymnastic mats and more!

It is sport and it is dance
It is square, yet it bends
It is jumping and then landing, it is falling and again standing.

Matta Matta is a performance about safety and taking a risk. Two dancers get lost in an adventurous landscape of gym mats. The audience can experience it from close by and peak into it with their nose and their toes.

Dansstationen Malmö invited Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj to choreograph a performance for young audiences; so they decided to make it especially for the gymnastic hall.
After more than 140 performances, a longer '2.0 version' of the performance was made in 2019 together with Dansstationen and the Danish DanseHallerne, which tours extensively in Denmark and Sweden. From the summer of 2021, The100Hands' own cast will also play the show in the rest of Europe.


See AGENDA for upcoming performances


11/10/2018 ScenGalej, SE
1/06/2018 Åseda,Uppvidinge,SE
30/5/2018 Karlshamn, SE
24/5/2018 Mjällby, Sölvesborg, SE
23/5/2018 Norje, Sölvesborg, SE
22/5/2018 Falkvik, Sölvesborg, SE
16-18/5/2018 Karlskrona, SE
15/5/2018 Young Dance Market, Malmö, SE
6-8/5/2018 Dans i stan, Stockholm, SE
4/5/2018 Sölvesborg, SE
2-4/5/2018 Emmaboda, SE
23-25/4/2018 Karlskrona, SE
16-17/4/2018 Karlshamn, SE
10/4/2018 Norrhult, Uppvidinge, SE
9/4/2018 Älghult, Uppvidinge, SE
13-15, 19-21/3/2018 Härryda, Göteborg, SE
6-7/3/2018 Regionteatern, Växjö, SE
30/1-1/2, 14, 5-8/2/2018 Araby Park Arena, Växjö, SE
22, 29/1/2018 Lessebo, SE
23-24/1/2018 Hovmanstorp, SE

11/2017 Söderhamn, SE
11/2017 Lomma, SE
14-25/10/2017 Festiwal Korczak Warszawa
10/2017 Lund, SE
9/2017 Skellefteå, SE
16-20/6/2017 Szene bunte wahne, Wien, AT
6/4/2017 Uddevalla, SE
25/4/2017 Krokus festival Hasselt, BE
22-23/2/2017 Palladium, Malmö, SE
18-20/2/2017 Salto!, SE
2/2017 Halmstad, SE
27/1/2017 Dansmässa Nacka, Stockholm, SE

16/10/2016 Palladium, Malmö, SE
5/10/2016 Hässleholm, SE
9-21/10/2016 Palladium, Malmö, SE
15-16/9/2016 Palladium, Malmö, SE


Choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj
Dance: (original cast) Pierre Enaux, Alexandra Göransson, (2.0 cast) Loa Carlsund, Alex Nagy, Jonas Örknér (The100Hands cast) Bryan Atmopawiro, Alkis Barbas, Jade van den Hout, Myrthe Marchal (intern), Jermeja Pattianakotta, Susy Steijn
Music composition: Jorg Schellekens
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek, Mikaêl Orozco
Costume design: Malin Cederberg (SE/DK), Esther Sloots (EU)
Production: Therese Johnson/Sofia Wickman (SE/DK), The100Hands (EU)