Suddenly they are there, just like that, right in the middle of the audience. They catch, fall and stumble over each other, roll, slide and bounce through space. As they play, they form the most surprising physical shapes and situations.

In the Midst of Everything is an acrobatic game between two dancers, a physical tribute to the effort and energy of doing things together, to the fun and the possibilities that arise from it.



Choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj
Performance: Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj / Jade van den Hout
Music: Simone Giacomini
Production: The100Hands

Photos: Moon Saris & Thorsten Arendt


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26/01/2019 Cultuurnacht Breda Chasse Theater, Breda, NL
12/08/2018 Limburg Festival, Roermond, NL
2-4/08/2018 Festival Boulevard, Den Bosch, NL
09/03/2018 Moving Futures Breda, NL
26/02/2018 Chasse Theater Breda, NL
26/01/2018 Cultuurnacht Breda Podium Bloos, NL
16/12/2016 Podium Bloos Ogentroost, Breda, NL
22-23/10/2016 Festival JONG!  Ainsi Theater, Maastricht, NL
30/09-02/10/2016 Festival 2 Turven Hoog Almere, NL
01/03/2016 Festival Starke Stücke, Aschaffenburg, DE
26/02/2014 Krokus festival, Hasselt, BE