BeingWith The100Hands

'Connection with yourself, others and the environment' - and all the challenges, insights and good vibes we encounter in this process. That is what The100Hands performances are about - over and over again. Not only during the performances, but also outside of them, the members of The100Hands are busy with giving form to this basic 'being with' in many different ways and with body as a whole.

With BeingWith program we create a space for people with more and less movement experience to get in touch with the 'practices' that nourish the work of The100Hands and (endlessly) inspire us. Practices that promote your body awareness, stimulate health, enrich your capacity for social contact, let you go through your day differently and let you look at challenges with a fresh look.

Each edition of BeingWith is different and is designed by one or more members of The100Hands.


Upcoming events: 
2 June - Finding Feet

6 July - The100Hands 10 year Anniversary!

Be welcome and come as you are!

Previous events:
14 April - Movement in Contact
17 februari - BeingWith Cracking the Shell of Dance
16 December - X-mas Movement Tapas


We are in the process of learning how to make our events accessible for as broad diversity of people as possible. Nevertheless some events might be more appropriate and easier accessible for children, elderly, people with disability etc. than others. Please read the description of the event you are interested in and if you are not sure if you can easily join don't hesitate to send us a mail and ask - we are there for you. [email protected]