Physical, visual performance about creativity within limitations

We’ve all met them: people who say you just have to think 'out of the box'. But 'the box' has quite a few different meanings: from 'baby parking', to a world-dominating conspiracy, from being in your comfort zone to a cage fight. So what do we actually mean when we say that?

In this physical, acrobatic and visual location performance for young and old alike, a group of people meets each other in a limited space – a life-size box that you can look into from all sides. Where one person works hard to get into the box, another wants all the interior space for himself, while the next tries to get rid of all boundaries. As the audience you can move freely around the box, while the performance takes place in, but also 'out of the' box. Would you help someone who wants to get into the box, stop them or would you merely keep watching? Does the man standing a bit further away belong to the show or not? Do you want to enter the box yourself..?.

In a succession of athletic dance, visual stillness and acrobatic inventions, the ever so human impulse to fight free, as well as the need for togetherness, unfolds. Out of the Box is a light-hearted reflection on times of adjustment and keeping distance, but above all an ode to the creativity that can be found within limitation.

The life-size box will appear this summer in parks and forests, on squares, in gyms, next to the library, in front of theaters, in a box that is only ever so slightly larger, as well as in other surprising locations.

The adventurous workshop 'into the box' gives your group of friends, (work) team or class the unforgettable experience of meeting, challenging and getting to know each other in 'the box'. Please contact us for bookings. Customization possible.


Concept: Jasper Džuki Jelen & Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj
Choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen
Dancers: Bryan Atmopawiro, Alison Duarte, Jade van den Hout, Nathalie Schmidt
Music: ArthurMusic
Costumes: Esther Sloots
Box design: Menno Boerdam
Box construction: Jitze Wils
Publicity photo: Jostijn Ligtvoet