Physical, visual performance about creativity within limitations

You know them, people who say you just have to think 'out of the box'. But 'the box' has quite a few different meanings: from 'baby parking', to a world-dominating conspiracy, from being in your 'comfy-zone' to a cage fight. So what do we actually mean by that?

Out of the box is a physical, raw and acrobatic location performance for audiences of all ages dealing with 'being limited'. In this physical, acrobatic and visual location performance for young and old audiences, a group of people meet in a limited space - a life-size box that you can see into from all sides. Where one person works hard to get into the box, another wants all the space for himself, while the next tries to get rid of all the boundaries. As an audience, you are being invites to get involved with the performance, which takes place both in, and "out of the" box. Would you stop someone trying to get into the box, offer help or would you just watch? Does that boy down there belong to the performance or not? Would you like to climb into the box yourself...? 

In a sequence of athletic dance, visual stillness and acrobatic inventions, the human impulse to fight ourselves free and the need to belong unfold. Out of the Box is a lighthearted reflection on times of adaptation and keeping our distance, but above all, an ode to the creativity you can find within limitation. The life-size box pops up in parks and forests, on squares, in gymnasiums, the library, at school, in front of theaters and in other surprising locations.

Out of the Box 1.0 premiered in June 2022 during the Brik Festival and played over 40 times after. In February, the 2.0 version of this performance will premiere at Krokus Festival in Hasselt.


Concept: Jasper Džuki Jelen & Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj
Choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen
Dancers: Bryan Atmopawiro, Alison Duarte, Myrthe Marchal, Nathalie Schmidt
Music: ArthurMusic
Costumes: Esther Sloots
Box design: Menno Boerdam
Box construction: Jitze Wils
Photography: William van der Voort


See AGENDA for upcoming performances.

06/05/2024 SWOP festival Roskilde, DK
05/05/2024 SWOP festival Roskilde, DK
28/01/2014 Meervaart theater Amsterdam, NL
25/01/2014 Purple festival Berlin, DE
24/01/2014 Purple festival Berlin, DE
23/01/2014 Purple festival Berlin, DE

25/11/2023 P8 Karlsruhe, DE
17/11/2023 Friedrich-Spee-Schule Paderborn, DE
10/09/2023 Open Monumentendag Breda, NL
09/09/2023 Open Monumentendag Breda, NL
14/07/2023 Julidans at the park Amsterdam, NL
03/06/2023 Spring festival Kopenhagen, DK
02/06/2023 Spring festival Kopenhagen, DK
01/06/2023 Spring festival Kopenhagen, DK
31/05/2023 Spring festival Kopenhagen, DK
30/05/2023 Spring festival Kopenhagen, DK
01/05/2023 Internationale Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, DE
10/03/2023 Starke Stücke festival Frankfurt, DE
09/03/2023 Starke Stücke festival Frankfurt, DE
08/03/2023 Starke Stücke festival Friedrichsdorf, DE
03/03/2023 Starke Stücke festival Wiesbaden, DE
02/03/2023 Starke Stücke festival Hattersheim, DE
19/02/2023 Krokus festival Hasselt, BE
18/02/2023 Krokus festival Hasselt, BE
16/02/2023 Podium Bloos Breda, NL

08/10/2022 CCHA: A little Chaos Hasselt, BE
07/10/2022 CCHA: A little Chaos Hasselt, BE
11/09/2022 DNA-festival Breda, NL
10/09/2022 DNA-festival Breda, NL
14/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
13/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
12/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
11/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
10/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
09/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
07/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
06/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
05/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
04/08/2022 Festival Boulevard ’s Hertogenbosch, NL
10/06/2022 BRIK festival Breda, NL
09/06/2022 BRIK festival Breda, NL