8 Group Vibes @ Cinedans FEST '22

8 Group Vibes at Cinedans FEST '22

Jul 11, 2022

From the 22nd till the 26th of june 8 Group Vibes was on display at the Cinedans FEST '22. Cinedans presents an interdisciplinary program where the two movement arts, dance and film, are pre-eminently linked. Our co-production 8 Group Vibes was shown continuously on the iconic stairs of the EYE Film Museum.

8 Group Vibes is an initiative of Alev Sönmez of TU Delft. In the context of her doctoral research at TU-Delft, Alev Sönmez researches how group dynamics arise in the workplace and how they can be influenced by design.

After 2 years of research she created a thorough description of 8 specific 'Group vibes' with accompanying psychological motivations, daily contexts and illustrations. To make this static information more dynamic and tangible, she asked The100Hands to embody the 8 group dynamics. Choreographer Jasper D┼żuki Jelen worked 10 days with 5 dancers and the Eindhoven-based Branded Cinema on this fusion between scientific research and artistic interpretation.

More information about 8 Group Vibes? Check out our site. 


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